“When people join groups where change seems possible, the potential for that change to occur becomes more real.  For most people who overhaul their lives, there are no seminal moments or life-altering disasters. There are simply communities who make change believable.”
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

What is Front Range Boot Camp?

We have a unique, constantly changing and TRANSFORMATION DRIVEN fitness program that is EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN! The workouts incorporate body weight exercises (pushups, pullups, situps, squats etc.), short distance running, jumping rope, rowing, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, tires, logs, sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, plyometrics, bosu balls, TRX, yoga, and best of all – FUN!

“The sentence to describe Bootcamp to my friends…..”Robyn’s Bootcamp is a bonding, butt- kicking experience.  Repeat with humor, sore muscles, and weight loss.” Leah

WOMEN OF ALL AGES, SIZES AND FITNESS ABILITIES  are welcome and everyone will experience SUCCESS in reaching their goals if the workouts are done with the utmost in personal effort. The results will improve and enhance every area of your life.

“Once you walk in the door it doesn’t matter your size, age or physical ability.  We are all there for the same reason and that is to be the best “me” that I can be.” Betsy

What sets Front Range Adventure Boot Camp apart from other boot camps, recreation centers or “big box” gyms?

“What sets Front Range Boot Camp apart from the others is that it is built on establishing relationships and knowing each woman’s strengths. The power of building that relationship is that you can push people far beyond what they ever thought they were capable of”. Maria

You become an integral member of a COMMUNITY of women who develop deep friendships, motivate each other, cheer each other on and push each other harder than they would on their own. You come to need each other, expect each other to be there and look forward to seeing each other every day.

“Boot Camp is the best of both worlds: big gyms lead to too much anonymity and some small studio settings lead to people feeling they don’t quite fit in.   At bootcamp, we all fit in and we all enjoy each other’s company”.   Karen

You receive PERSONAL COACHING in the form of unconditional support, encouragement, guidance and accountability.  Robyn Morrisette is the Owner and lead trainer for the majority of the training sessions. She gets to know you on a personal level; as a coach and as a friend.

“Robyn keeps me coming back for more. I feel the positive energy when I walk through the door. To Robyn you are her friend, she doesn’t treat you as a dollar sign, or just another client”. Shannon

The TRAINING SESSIONS are unique, creative and DIFFERENT EVERY DAY! You will not do the same workout in any month, but they will be randomly repeated so that you can track your progress. Each training session is specifically designed for you to experience rapid and measurable gains in your strength, endurance, coordination, balance, agility, power and speed. Each workout begins with a dynamic warmup and ends with YOGA to increase and enhance your flexibility (mandatory as we age!).

“Robyn’s boot camp offers me the intensity and constant variety of workout I am looking for.  It is a combination of cardio and strength that is hard to find in tandem”. Traci

EXERCISE MODIFICATIONS are provided for each movement as required due to medical or health constraints. Your personal needs are met in every workout, whether you have an on-going issue or one that may come up for any reason during a workout. You will never be left out or left behind for any reason.

“Robyn made a custom program for me because of my knee and ankle surgeries.  No other class instructor had taken the time or cared enough to do that for me”. Jill

The investment in yourself is a FRACTION OF THE COST of hiring a personal trainer, as low as $6.00 per class!

Front Range Boot Camp offers a SYNERGYSTIC approach to health and fitness. What you put in your mouth is crutial to your success, as is the amount of sleep you get and the amount of stress in your life. Boot Camp encourages and promotes healthy and healing foods, offers regular nutrition challenges,nutritional guidance and support, and before and after fitness evaluations. Our focus is on teaching you the proper form for each exercise so that you stay injury free and can get stronger faster because you are moving correctly.

“I had NO idea that boot camp was going to change my entire outlook on what it meant to be “in shape”.  I now realize that being “in shape” means taking care of myself physically, spiritually as well as emotionally”. Betsy

Boot Camp offers all kinds of FREE EVENTS in addition to the daily workouts.

This Boot Camp is a paradigm shift in what we consider “fitness”. It is not just a one hour workout. It is an integral part of your daily life and has the ability to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Really. We have watched countless women completely transform their live’s since boot camp’s inception eight years ago. You can too.

“Robyn/FRBC has made a positive impact on my life in many ways. I am seeing muscles in places I never thought I could have muscles; I am physically stronger and happier than I have ever been in my life”. Gerri

What kinds of women join Boot Camp?

WOMEN JUST LIKE YOU! We are women who take our lives, our health and our fitness seriously. We want to feel great, have more energy, have the strength it takes to do anything our heart desires, hang with our kids, be self-sufficient;  and live a life where our age is just a number. There are women from the ages of 26 to 65. Women who are training for an event, who have not exercised in years, who want to lose weight/inches/bodyfat the right way, and who love to be told “You look so Strong!” rather than “You look so Skinny!” (and who know the reason why!) Women who have chosen to live their lives with passion and purpose.

“I’m surrounded by other like-minded women working hard to get the job done while laughing along the way.” Karen

What is a typical day in Boot Camp like?

THERE IS NO TYPICAL DAY in Boot Camp! That is what makes it so fun and so successful! Your body (and your brain) are constantly challenged because the exercises are different every day and the way in which you do the workouts varies as well. Sometimes you are working in a group, sometimes with a partner, sometimes by yourself.

“Besides being women-only, the atmosphere is fun and the routine never gets boring. You are encouraged to reach your potential every day and the women at bootcamp really care about one another.” Jeribeth

BOOT CAMP NEVER GETS EASIER BECAUSE YOU JUST KEEP GETTING STRONGER!  Each workout will challenge you at a deep level. You will find out what you are made of, and you will always find out that you are made of much more than you originally thought. Each class begins with a dynamic warmup followed by a 30-45 minute full body workout using “equipment” that is not usually found in a generic gym. Class ends with a series of yoga stretches because increasing our flexibility is essential.

“FRBC is both a mental and physical challenge and I truly believe that is what makes the workouts so enjoyable. Robyn has taught me that a positive mind can push your body far beyond everyday limits and I have recently removed the phrase “I can′t” from my workout vocabulary.” Gerri

What if I have physical constraints? 

THERE ARE MODIFICATIONS TO EVERY EXERCISE! Your coach will even give you a completely different exercise as needed to prevent further injury while ensuring you get a great workout.

Can I switch day or class time if I have a schedule conflict?

Yes! YOU CAN COME TO ANY CLASS TIME, ANY DAY as your schedule dictates. You lead a busy life and you need to be able to fit your workouts in whenever you can. You sign up for your preferred class time each week via MindBody Online, our scheduling software. If you need to change a day or a time, simply sign in and change the day/time you will be attending class.

What is involved in the Pre-Camp Fitness Evaluation?

WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT YOU. What do you want to achieve by participating in boot camp? What are your specific goals? What support can we provide to empower you to reach them?

You will participate in a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION to learn the proper form for all the new exercises that you will be performing in Boot Camp so that you will be confident and prepared to have a great workout each and every time you come to camp!

We’ll MEASURE your weight, hydration level, body composition, muscle mass, physique rating, metabolic age, bone density, basil metabolic rate, and visceral fat. We will also take measurements around your tricep, waist, hip and upper thigh to see where you are prior to beginning camp. These numbers and all other information will be held in the strictest confidence. The same measurements will be taken at the end of camp to see how much you have improved.

We will ask you basic questions about your NUTRITION, and share with you the importance of eating healthy as it relates to your success in reaching all your fitness goals and how we can best support you. You will receive a nutrition packet that contains all the information you need to start changing your relationship to food, eliminate cravings, increase your metabolism while losing weight, inches and bodyfat.