Your Front Range Boot Camp Fitness Coach

Robyn Morrisette is your dedicated coach and biggest supporter!

After working in the corporate world for 14 years at 60+ hour work weeks, Robyn chose to create a life for herself where she felt passion and purpose again.

She became a Certified Life Coach; and specialized in leading retreats and outdoor adventures for women. This career path involved fitness, friends AND fun!  What an inspiring way to change a life and empower other women to do the same for themselves!

Front Range Adventure Boot Camp opened in 2007; which is an affiliate of the largest and only certified boot camp in the country. Her credentials also include:

ISSA certified personal trainer,
Certified Adventure Boot Camp coach
Level 1 certified CrossFit Coach
Certified CrossFit Kids coach
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified
USA Weightlifting Sports Coach

In a nutshell, here is why she created Front Range Boot Camp:

“If I am going to live to be 85 years old (and I INTEND to live to be 85 years old!), I want to be self-sufficient. I want to be strong, fast, coordinated, flexible, agile and able. I don’t want to have to call my kids to help me lift things. I intend to be hiking, running and skiing for as long as I can. In order to do that, I HAVE TO take care of myself NOW.

And I WANT to take care of myself NOW. I do not have a choice. That is why I have a boot camp where we run, row and jump rope. Where we drag, throw, climb, push, pull and jump on things. Our bodies were designed to move like this. It’s the movements of life. And by doing this it guarantees that I will move well for the rest of my life. YAY !!! Come and join us!

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