Your Front Range Boot Camp Fitness Coach

Robyn Morrisette is your dedicated coach and biggest supporter!

I was a Project Manager for a large commercial architecture firm for 14 years and worked 60+ hours a week. My last project was managing the construction of the San Jose Arena in San Jose, CA. For 4 years I traveled to San Jose M-F; leaving my three small children at home with my husband. That career, although a big deal professionally, left me feeling less a mother and less a wife. To preserve my family, my priorities and my sanity, I chose to leave architecture and create a life for myself where I felt passion and purpose again.

I became a Certified Life Coach; and specialized in leading retreats and outdoor adventures for women. I always had a regular fitness routine which involved going to the gym on a regular basis, skiing, trail running, mt. biking, hiking, and back-packing and yoga, so adding a fitness component to my retreats was a necessity. This career path involved fitness, friends AND fun!  What a soul enriching way to change a life and empower other women to do the same for themselves!

A friend introduced me to the “boot camp” style of fitness which made sense. You move your entire body. At the same time. Just like you do in all the activities you do in your life. And you get crazy strong. And more balanced, better coordinated, more powerful, speedier and more agile. Who wouldn’t want that?

That is why I created a boot camp where we run, row and jump rope. Where we drag, throw, climb, push, pull and jump on things. Our bodies were designed to move like this. It’s the movements of life. And by doing this it guarantees that I will move well for the rest of my life.

Front Range Adventure Boot Camp opened in 2007; which is an affiliate of the largest and only certified boot camp in the country.

In a nutshell, here are two reasons why I created Front Range Boot Camp:

Reason #1:

“If I am going to live to be 85 years old (and I INTEND to live to be 85 years old!), I want to be self-sufficient. I want to be strong, fast, coordinated, flexible, agile and able. I don’t want to have to call my kids to help me lift things. I want to bend over and tie my shoes and pick something up off of the floor if I drop it. I want to be riding a chairlift with my grandkids. I INTEND to be hiking, running and skiing for as long as I can. In order to do that,  I HAVE TO take care of myself NOW. If I want this kind of life, I don’t have a choice. I have to move my body the way it was naturally intended to move..

Reason #2:

Just because you have old injuries, new injuries or crabby body parts doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. You just have to do it carefully in the hands of people who care and who can provide the necessary modifications to keep you safe. I have hired a staff of women who have been trained to do just that. You will be catered to and cared for and never held back due to your “issues”.

I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back and cervical spine. I have had two back surgeries, surgery to repair my meniscus and arthritis in my wrists and big toe joints. And I am able to do the workouts I design for all of you. With the appropriate modifications. You can do the same. (Granted, there are certain injuries that need to heal, have physical therapy before you can safely perform certain exercises, but we can talk about that when you come in.)

My credentials include:

ISSA certified personal trainer,
Certified Adventure Boot Camp coach
Level 1 certified CrossFit Coach
Certified CrossFit Kids coach
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified
USA Weightlifting Sports Coach

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