Body Transformation Challenge – First 2 weeks

We are finishing week 2 of the Challenge and many of you are experiencing the same successes and challenges in sticking with both the Zone and the Paleo nutrition plans.  Here are some tips on how to turn your challenges into successes:

Social Events:

  • When a friend or loved one has made their favorite treat and expects you to indulge, give yourself permission to say “Not right now.” This statement gives you a way out, even if it’s for a short time. Or have the courage to tell them that you are participating in a 27 day nutrition challenge and you are excited to see what kind of results are possible for you if you stick with it.
  • Eat before you go and when you get home.
  • Remind yourself that it’s only 27 DAYS.You will be proud of yourself that you resisted the temptation. Each time you resist temptation it gives you power when the situation arises again.
  • Tell yourself “I don’t eat that!” rather than “I can’t have that.”
  • Alcohol: try a “Mediterranean Fizz”: club soda/lime wedge/olives or a “Norcal Margarita”: tequila/club soda/fresh lime (complements of Robb Wolff).
  • Remind yourself that you are making a choice for yourself because you love yourself.


  • Plan what you want to eat that weekend, just like you do for the week days.
  • If you are out of food, GO TO THE GROCERY STORE FIRST THING Saturday morning if possible, or Friday night. Get that part out of the way.
  • If cooking meals is not going to happen and you are going to be out on baseball/soccer fields all day with the kids; pack a cooler full of finger foods: fruit/almond butter/chicken salad/granola bars/carrot cake muffins/cooked sausages cut into quarter size pieces/hard boiled eggs/beef jerky/tuna in olive oil.
  • Block out a chunk of time on Sunday to plan for the weekday. Plan, shop, chop and cook.



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