Info about “The Zone” diet

I am so excited to be a part of the transformation that has begun for the 34 women who are participating in the 27 day Body Transformation Challenge!  The majority of you have chosen to do “The Zone” nutrition plan. The Zone plan is based around the powerful, drug-like effects food has on your body. All foods affect your body’s release of the hormone insulin, which has a huge effect on your health and well-being, not to mention how much fat you have around your belly, thighs and arms. The Zone is focused on stabilizing hormone levels, eliminating large shifts in insulin production, and allowing the body to return to a natural hormonal state where it can begin to heal and function normally.

The Zone diet website is the place to go to find all the information you need to succeed. I spent alot of time last night on the Forum, where you can post your questions and find the answer to any questions you might have. The folks answering your questions are all following the Zone, so you have first hand knowledge!

Many of you have asked me how to figure out the individual blocks when making a large quantity of a particular food. I asked this question on the Forum and this wonderful woman named Sue answered my question:

“Determine the number of blocks of P, C and F blocks you put in the entire recipe and divide by three to determine how many 3-block meals it makes.  If you make a recipe containing 12 P, 12, C and 12 F in the entire recipe, this will yield four 3-block meals of 3P, 2C and 3F each.  If you have a recipe containing 12 P, 8 P and 12 F, you have four 3-block meals of 3P, 2C, 3F each.  Add a bowl of berries for balance to this scenario and you’ll have 4 Zone balanced 3-block meals”.  Thanks Sue!

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