Workout to benefit St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Center

Join us Saturday, January 12th in a “football” style workout that will raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital.

Time: 9:00 – 10:00 am

Location: Front Range Boot Camp. 10600 West 50th Ave., Unit 14, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Who can participate: Anyone! Ages 7 to 107! All fitness abilities! Invite your friends and family members!

Details:  We will be doing a “football style” workout where teams have to complete a certain number of exercises to score touchdowns, extra points and field goals. The exercises are basic bodyweight ones like pushups, situps, squats etc., and can be done by people of all ages and fitness abilities.

About: St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent in 1962 to 80 percent today. The money you raise for this workout helps make it possible for St. Jude to treat the world’s sickest children battling cancer and other deadly diseases for free – no family ever pays St. Jude for anything. This is why every dollar you raise is so important to each family and each child. Come and participate in a great workout for an even greater cause.

Link to the Front Range Boot Camp fundraising page:

Check out a recent article in “The Hub” paper about the workout!

Nutrition Challenge Results!

Congratulations to Lisa Trainor-Montano for winning first place and to Liz Mosser for taking second place in the “Last Chance Before the Holidays” 27 day Body Transformation Challenge!

Lisa lost 6#, 3% body fat, 4″ and gained 3#of lean muscle mass!

Liz lost 6#, 4% body fat, 5.25″ and gained 1# of lean muscle!

Results of other finalists in alphabetical order:

Amber: 7#, 4% body fat, 4.5″ and 3# lean muscle!

Chris: 4.6#, 5% body fat, 4.5″ and 4# lean muscle!

Debbie: 3.8#, 2% body fat, 3.5″ and 4# lean muscle!

Kim C: 4.6#, 1% body fat, 3″!

Kim L: 5.4#, 4% bodyfat, 5″ and 3# lean muscle!

Melinda: 9#, 5% bodyfat, 5″ and 3 # lean muscle!

10 Steps to Becoming an Elite Athlete

This post was excerpted from an article written by Jon Gilson, the founder of Again Faster Equipment and lists 10 steps to take in order to ensure that you make the most out of your workouts and your life. It uses Crossfit as it’s focus, but it also applies to your boot camp workouts (since you guys do those workouts on a regular basis).
“To the beginning Crossfitter, the sheer size of the curriculum can be daunting. You’ll learn Olympic lifts, gymnastics, sprinting, kettlebell swings, medicine ball work, basic nutrition, and a hundred other things. Crossfit has combined these modalities and a good dose of creativity to develop an inclusive model of fitness programming. 

In an effort to make Crossfit a little easier to deal with, here are the things you need to know to become an elite athlete. Everything else will come with time.
1.) Virtuosity: Do every rep correctly, every time. Virtuosity is the pursuit of perfection. Become a stickler for form, and you will reap the benefits of Crossfit extremely quickly.
2.) Consistency: Get out of bed. Go to the gym. Get in the habit of showing up.
3.) Intensity: Strive to minimize the amount of time you spend resting in the middle of each workout. The less you rest, the stronger you’ll become. Your workout times will plummet, and your health will skyrocket. Go hard!

4.) Nutrition: Eat enough calories to support vigorous exercise. Not eating is not a solution. Avoid alcohol, starch, and sugar like the plague. Eat lean meats, vegetables, low-GI fruits, and good fats. Fat is necessary for athletic performance–get it from almonds, avocados, olive oil, and fish oil. The best way to maintain a good diet? Clear all the crap out of your cupboards, and never ever buy it again.
5.) Sleep: Sleep is essential to your athletic development. When you sleep, you heal. Progress is a constant give and take between breaking down and building up–exercise breaks you down and sleep builds you up. Give your body the fuel it needs to heal–lean protein and fat immediately before bed will keep you in a good physiological state to burn fat and build muscle all night long. Sleep at least 8 hours every night. Make it a priority.
6.) Rest: Don’t exercise every day. You’ll burn out. Schedule rest days after every two or three days of heavy training. You can speed up healing with ice, compression, mobility work, and good supplementation.
7.) Instruction: Spend money on quality trainers, reading materials, seminars, and certifications. A few hundred bucks here and there will accelerate your gains much faster than advice from the counter guy at Gold’s.
8.) Comfort: Stray from the known path. Approach new skills as an opportunity to learn, not an opportunity to fail. The best athletes in the world spend all day working on their weaknesses, not reinforcing their strengths.
9.) Goals: Write everything down. Set goals and work to meet them every day. Look back over your progress, and change what needs to be changed.
10.) Stress: Your body doesn’t distinguish between training stress and life stress. Minimize life stress to maximize your progress.
None of this is earth-shattering. Incorporate these tenets in your training, one by one.”

New Year coming up! Let’s get on it!

Coffee and Sugar – How much of a good thing?

Check out this link to the dangers of sugar:

Check out this link to the dangers of coffee:


Time Your Meals for Better Results

What you eat before and after you train can significantly impact your results, and timing makes all the difference. According to an Australian study published in the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, athletes (and you are athletes!), who ate directly before an after workouts saw bigger gains in strength and lean body mass than those who ate the same meals for breakfast and dinner instead of pairing them with their training. Here are your best bets for maximum results:

When: 2 to 3 hours before your afternoon workout, or one hour before your early morning workout.
What: Fast- digesting protein, slow-digesting carbs
Why: Protein that breaks down slowly can pull blood to the stomach to help digestion, making less available to your muscles. It can also upset your stomach. Carbs are your fuel, and carbs that will raise your blood sugars slowly will keep your energy at its peak during your workout.

Fast -digesting proteins: whey protein, chicken, turkey, tuna, egg whites
Slow digesting carbs: whole grains, oatmeal, nuts

When: within 30 minutes of completing training
What: Fast and slow digesting protein, fast digesting carbs
Why: Your body needs protein and amino acids for your muscles to recover and grow. You need a shot of energy to replenish what you burned during your workout.

Slow digesting protein: whole eggs, milk, whey protein (yes, again), almond/peanut butter
Fast digesting carbs: sweet potato, pineapple, cantaloupe, banana

Pre-workout snacks: Oatmeal sprinkled with 1 scoop whey protein powder & 1/2t. cinnamon. 1 hard-boiled egg, 1/2 orange sprinkled w/ peanuts, whole wheat toast w/ 1 t. almond butter
Post-workout snacks: chocolate milk, 1 scoop whey protein powder w/ coconut milk and 1/2 banana. 2 egg whites scrambled w/ steamed veggies.

Body Transformation Challenge – First 2 weeks

We are finishing week 2 of the Challenge and many of you are experiencing the same successes and challenges in sticking with both the Zone and the Paleo nutrition plans.  Here are some tips on how to turn your challenges into successes:

Social Events:

  • When a friend or loved one has made their favorite treat and expects you to indulge, give yourself permission to say “Not right now.” This statement gives you a way out, even if it’s for a short time. Or have the courage to tell them that you are participating in a 27 day nutrition challenge and you are excited to see what kind of results are possible for you if you stick with it.
  • Eat before you go and when you get home.
  • Remind yourself that it’s only 27 DAYS.You will be proud of yourself that you resisted the temptation. Each time you resist temptation it gives you power when the situation arises again.
  • Tell yourself “I don’t eat that!” rather than “I can’t have that.”
  • Alcohol: try a “Mediterranean Fizz”: club soda/lime wedge/olives or a “Norcal Margarita”: tequila/club soda/fresh lime (complements of Robb Wolff).
  • Remind yourself that you are making a choice for yourself because you love yourself.


  • Plan what you want to eat that weekend, just like you do for the week days.
  • If you are out of food, GO TO THE GROCERY STORE FIRST THING Saturday morning if possible, or Friday night. Get that part out of the way.
  • If cooking meals is not going to happen and you are going to be out on baseball/soccer fields all day with the kids; pack a cooler full of finger foods: fruit/almond butter/chicken salad/granola bars/carrot cake muffins/cooked sausages cut into quarter size pieces/hard boiled eggs/beef jerky/tuna in olive oil.
  • Block out a chunk of time on Sunday to plan for the weekday. Plan, shop, chop and cook.



Info about “The Zone” diet

I am so excited to be a part of the transformation that has begun for the 34 women who are participating in the 27 day Body Transformation Challenge!  The majority of you have chosen to do “The Zone” nutrition plan. The Zone plan is based around the powerful, drug-like effects food has on your body. All foods affect your body’s release of the hormone insulin, which has a huge effect on your health and well-being, not to mention how much fat you have around your belly, thighs and arms. The Zone is focused on stabilizing hormone levels, eliminating large shifts in insulin production, and allowing the body to return to a natural hormonal state where it can begin to heal and function normally.

The Zone diet website is the place to go to find all the information you need to succeed. I spent alot of time last night on the Forum, where you can post your questions and find the answer to any questions you might have. The folks answering your questions are all following the Zone, so you have first hand knowledge!

Many of you have asked me how to figure out the individual blocks when making a large quantity of a particular food. I asked this question on the Forum and this wonderful woman named Sue answered my question:

“Determine the number of blocks of P, C and F blocks you put in the entire recipe and divide by three to determine how many 3-block meals it makes.  If you make a recipe containing 12 P, 12, C and 12 F in the entire recipe, this will yield four 3-block meals of 3P, 2C and 3F each.  If you have a recipe containing 12 P, 8 P and 12 F, you have four 3-block meals of 3P, 2C, 3F each.  Add a bowl of berries for balance to this scenario and you’ll have 4 Zone balanced 3-block meals”.  Thanks Sue!

“Just In Time For the Holidays” 27 Day Body Transformation Challenge begins October 8th!

The Challenge starts Monday, October 8th and ends at the end of the day Saturday, November 3rd, 2012.

A nutrition seminar will be held Sunday, October 7th at 9:00 am at the gym. Weigh-ins will be held from 8:00 -8:45 am for women who have attended previous nutrition seminars and just need to weigh-in. Weigh-ins for women who want to attend the seminar will begin at 10:00 am. The final weigh-ins will be held Sunday, November 4th at 9:00 am.

If you are new to boot camp and want to join us, the investment is just $99 for 27 days of unlimited workouts and the cost to enter the Challenge is $30. The $30 will be put in the kitty. The 1st place winner will receive 70% of the cash, 50% off the cost of their next month’s boot camp and a whole new you! The 2nd place winner will receive 30% of the cash, 25% off their next month’s investment and a whole new you!

To reserve your space, register before Saturday, October 6th! Fill out the registration form, your information will be emailed to and your card will be charged $99 for 27 days of unlimited workouts! Please bring $30 for the kitty with you to the nutrition seminar.

The winners of the last Challenge had these results! You can too!

Amy lost 14.4#, 8% bodyfat and 10″.

Charlotte lost 16.4#, 6% bodyfat and 8.8″.

Lisa lost 9.8#, 5% bodyfat, 6.75″

Vanessa lost 14.8#, 7% bodyfat, 9.25″


22 Tips to Help You Sleep

Check out this article on 22 ways to help you get to sleep and stay asleep!

The Importance of Sleep and Body Fat Loss

Ahhhh Yes. Sleep. That elusive thing that most of us never get enough of. But, adequate sleep is CRITICAL in so many ways. Robb Wolff, in his book “30 DayTotal Transformation, (which I have at the gym and you can borrow) talks about sleep and how not getting enough of it can hamper body fat loss and more.
Listen to Robb Wolff talking about why stress and lack of sleep makes you
fat, wrinkly and diabetic, and what you can do about it.

Want to find out how you fare as far as cortisol, stress, and health are
concerned? Take this short quiz.
• Do you sleep less than 9 hours per night?
• Do you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep?
• Do you wake up more exhausted than when you went to bed?
• Do you get a second wind in the evening, and really only feel awake
about the time you should go to bed?
• Are you tired and achy all the time?
• Do you suffer frequent upper-respiratory infections?
• Do you work out to exhaustion, and do you crave the “boost” exercise
• Do you live and die by stimulants such as coffee?
• Have you gained fat in your midsection, despite watching your food
• Have you experienced memory problems?
• Do you have problems with depression or seasonal affective disorder?

If you answered YES on more questions than not, you probably have
elevated cortisol levels. You’re under systemic stress. Elevated cortisol levels affect every system you can imagine, including bodyfat levels.  If you want to lose weight, you need to get your sleep in order and get your stress levels managed. Otherwise, you can eat perfectly and exercise intelligently and lack of sleep and too much stress will totally undermine your fat loss.

Is sleep really that important?

Most people realize that they feel like crap when they miss sleep. Other people are so constantly sleep deprived that they don’t know what “good” feels like. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you need to start paying more attention to your sleep. Why? Think about this: Just one night of missed or inadequate sleep is enough to make you as insulin resistant as a Type 2 diabetic.

Maybe you’re one of those tough guys who think sleep is a crutch, you can push through with another cup of coffee and your amazing brain power. Think about this: The Centers for Disease Control recently announced that shift work (lack of sleep) is a known carcinogen.  When you neglect sleep or have poor sleep quality, it registers as a significant stressor to your body. It makes you immune compromised, chubby,forgetful, and crazy.Yes? Stay tuned.

Next blog, things you can do to make sure you can get enough sleep. (Don’t start with me on the many reasons why there is NO WAY you can get enough sleep, not with the crazy life you lead…)

What Boot Camp is All About

This summarizes perfectly what Front Range Boot Camp is all about.

I'm getting fit so I can be healthy.  For me.

Sure, losing weight, inches and bodyfat is part of the deal (yes, you MUST eat right in order to have this happen), but I created boot camp primarily because:
     “If I am going to live to be 85 years old (and I INTEND to live to be 85 years old!), I want to be self-sufficient. I want to be strong, fast, coordinated, flexible, agile and able. I don’t want to have to call my kids to help me lift things. I intend to continue to be hiking, running and skiing as I age. In order to do that, I HAVE TO take care of myself NOW. I do not have a choice. That is why I have a boot camp where we run, row and jump rope. Where we drag, throw, climb, push, pull and jump on things. Our bodies were designed to move like this. These are the movements of life. And by doing this it guarantees that I will move well for the rest of my life. YAY !!!      Robyn

When We Cheat

We all do it –    even our best made plans to eat healthy fail sometimes and we “cheat”. Then we tear ourselves apart because of our choice (yes, it is A CHOICE).  Here are 3 things that you can do to recover quickly from it.

Have A Protein And Vegetable Day
     The very first thing that you should do if you encounter a setback is to have a high protein and vegetable day the next day. This will help to make up for the high influx of carbs that likely came in, helping you sustain a proper calorie balance between the two days.
Resist The Urge To Do Cardio Overload

     Many people will go this route and perform hours and hours of cardio training. This is only going to seriously stress the body out and will cause additional cortisol to flood your system.  Cortisol has the tendency to cause the body to store excess body fat, therefore having this present with the higher calorie intake you took in the day before isn’t going to be an ideal situation.

Focus On Moving Forward

     Put the set-back behind you. This is where many people go wrong – they feel like since they made one error, they’ve really blown it and are now on route to gaining back all the weight that they had lost once again. Instead, focus on what you’re going to do in the future to help prevent that same set-back from occurring. Was it a situation that set you off into an overeating frenzy?  Was it stress? Perhaps you need to work on your coping methods better?  Whatever the case, pinpoint why you suffered from the cheat set-back in the first place and then deal with it in a productive manner. This way, you can reduce your chances of cheating again.

Your Life Transforming Journey


By joining boot camp you have already made the effort to start your LIFE TRANSFORMING journey and you are damn well going to age strong, lean, self-sufficient,adventerous, graceful, joy-filled and beautiful. So there. Get in here. Daylights a burnin’.
Lindsey. Enough said.

So Thankful

     I am so thankful that I have a body that can perform well during my boot camp workouts, climb to the top of  14’ers without thinking twice, run the newest mountain trail right when it opens and go to yoga on a regular basis so that I stay flexible. I plan on living to a “ripe old age”. And I plan on doing all of the activities I do today. So. I HAVE TO MAKE EXERCISE A PRIORITY IN MY DAILY LIFE. No matter how busy I get, no matter how many things are put on my to-do list, no matter what shows up during the day, no matter what trys to get in my way, I HAVE TO KEEP THE BIG PICTURE IN SIGHT.  I am aging. I want to be self-sufficient as I age. I don’t want to have my age or my health stop me. Don’t let this happen to you:

5 years goes by in a flash. You matter. Your life matters. Stop making excuses. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Take one of them to get the exercise you need to live well as you age. Get to boot camp where you can jump, pull, push, drag, climb, swing, lift, run and row yourself younger every day.


Shout-Outs: Gerri: first rx’d workout 14# wall ball, 35# kettlebell, Shayne: hill mile time 10:01 to 9:30 to 8:43, Lisa F. hill mile/OH bar hold/Cindy rounds/power clean workout time 40:30 to 38:10, Vanessa 51:08 to 47:03.
So many ways to use barbells and pullup bars:
 Charlotte – Two minute overhead bar hold.
 Sara- we had to put ankle weights on her to try and keep her grounded:)
JJ – side to side L-raises.

New 4:20-5:20 pm class time!

The 4:20-5:20 pm boot camp class will resume Monday, August 20th! This class, along with the 5:30-6:30 pm class, will meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The 6:30 am class will be yoga beginning Friday, August 24th.

 Janet – weighted box dips.
 Shayne – weighted russian twists.
Shannon – weighted box step-ups

 Sara – body weight one-arm handstand. We never really know what to think of her:)


Shout-Outs: Shannon started boot camp with the goal to run around the entire perimeter of the gym without stopping. Today she did just that! Double Unders: Katie M.: 12, Ashley: 20, Katie O.: 7  Meera: 5. Amy Bray won the last Body Transformation Challenge. She has continued to eat according to the Zone diet and has lost another 13 pounds in 4 weeks!

Yes. All of the above is TRUE. When was the last time you had regrets over your workout?

Boot Camp Achievements!

Shout-Outs go to all the women who did the “Pick Your Poison” workout yesterday. Some of the highlights: Kelley: 210 double unders, Charlotte: 210 wall ball, Kristen: 120 deadlift, Jessica: 325 pushups, Maria: 120 wall ball, Christie: 325 wall ball, Kristina: 78 pushup and 171 ball slam, Meera: 45 renegade row, 276 ball slam, Caren: 91 renegade row, Jennifer: 78 renegade row, Gabby: 378 wall ball, Katie: 91 box jump, Amy: 105 wtd. box step up, Shannon: 276 kettlebell swing, Liz: 153 wall ball, Janet: 210 ball slam and 32 cal row, Pam: 30 min cont. row, Heather: 171 ball slam, Cara: 168 deadlift, JJ: 300 ball slam.
Last time we did this workout was in April. Some noteables from then to now for the women who did the same exercise:
Gerri: 351 to 378 ball slam.
Shannon: 231 to 276 kettlebell swings.
Janet: 276, 15# ball slam to 210, 20#. She increased her weight 5#!
Kim: 300 to 351 ball slam.

Are You Really Hungry?

The tires have been returned. Granted, they are chained together outside the gym, but at least they are back home. Thank all the women who came to boot camp today for helping me complete all the exercises that the ransom note required in order to ensure their safe return. Oh, that’s right, you had to do them as they were the workout for the day:)

So there you go. Get yourself to boot camp, ESPECIALLY when your life gets crazy. And, when you reach for food, any food, pause and ask yourself:

  • Am I tired?
  • Am I stressed?
  • Am I bored?
  • Am I thirsty?

Or am I really hungry? Most of the time it is one of the above. If you choose to eat it anyway, pay attention to how it makes you FEEL.

  • If you feel sluggish, bloated, gassy or tired after eating it, that food does not serve you. Eliminate it from your diet.
  • If you choose to continue to eat it, don’t degrade yourself. It was a CHOICE you made. Accept it and move on. Maybe next time you won’t choose it.

So, someone loved the tires so much that they kidnapped them overnight and left a ransom note demanding that I perform a ridiculous number of ridiculous exercises in order to get them back!!!!!
Who was this mystery woman (women?) and don’t they know that their demands will never be met without a price to be paid!
 Cara and Cindy
Little Ezra helping his Grandma (your coach) set up the tires for Monday’s workout

Shannon started boot camp with the goal of just wanting to run. This morning she made it to the top of North Table Mountain. In an hour. We are in awe of your continual “over-the-top” achievements. Not just how your body is changing, but how your LIFE is changing!

Intense week in boot camp. Long runs, throwing tires, deadlift, push press, ring dips, burpees and more.
 Christie and Charlotte – filthy and funny after Lisa’s birthday workout.
 Welcome Heather to boot camp!
 Marcie – locks it out on her push press
Shannon – just keeps getting stronger and leaner. We are in awe of her continual transformation!

Shout-Outs go to Karen for completing her first workout in 35:45 and to Pam for running 95% of today’s 2.5 mile loop around the neighborhood. And for doing 40 burpees, 160 situps and 160 squats along the way!

Charlotte sent over an intersting blog about finding balance within the dedication to your workouts, your nutrition, and your life. Check it out.

Lisa, Maria, Gerri and Vanessa are just 4 of the women in boot camp who are dedicated to their workouts, their nutrition and finding the balance of these in their lives now that the nutriotn challenge has ended.

Congratulations to Amy Bray and Charlotte Bassin who tied for 1st place and Lisa Folks and Vanessa Gonzalez who tied for 2nd place in the Body Transformation Nutrition Challenge!!!!! There were 32 women who started the Challenge and 27 who finished. Each finisher lost significant weight, bodyfat and inches while shaving up to a minute or more off their mile run/row times. In 27 days. I am in awe of your dedication to your self, your health and your fitness. And for your dedication to boot camp:) Remember, points were awarded as a PERCENTAGE of loss, not the acutal numbers. The actual numbers are expressed below:

Amy lost 14.4#, 8% bodyfat and 10″.
Charlotte lost 16.4#, 6% bodyfat and 8.8″.
Lisa lost 9.8#, 5% bodyfat, 6.75″
Vanessa lost 14.8#, 7% bodyfat, 9.25″

Here are the results of the rest of the finishers in alphabetical order:
Anna: 2% bodyfat, 2.5″
Cindy: 7.4#, 5% bodyfat, 4.75″
Heidi: 4.6#, 3% bodyfat, 3.75″
Gerri: 1.6#, 3% bodyat, 4.5″
Janet: 1.4#, 1% bodyfat, 2″
Jenelle: 12.4#, 1% bodyfat, 4.5″
Jeribeth: 6#, 4% bodyfat, 5″
Julie S.: 4% bodyfat, 4.5″
Julie W.: 3% bodyfat, 4″
Karen : 9.6#, 3% bodyfat, 4.5″
Kristina: 6.4#, 2% bodyfat, 3.75″
Lauren: 2% bodyfat, 3.75″
Leah: 2.6#, 3% bodyfat, 2″
Maria: 10.8#, 6% bodyfat, 7.25″
Meera: 3#, 4% bodyfat, 4″
Nicole: 5.4#, 3% bodyfat, 3.25″
Pamela: 6.2#, 3% bodyfat, 3.5″
Paula: 8.6#, 3% bodyfat, 3.5#
Tamara: 1.6#, 4% bodyfat, 4.5″
Trina: 3.6#, 3% bodyfat, 2.25″

Amy and Charlotte will split the first place cash and receive 50% off next month’s boot camp investment. Lisa and Vanessa will split the second place cash and receive 20% off next month’s boot camp investment. Everyone received a leaner, healthier and stronger body. And a new way of eating.

OMG. We are creating an elite group of female athletes at Front Range Boot Camp. Kudos to the women who shaved up to a minute off their hill mile time this am! Charlotte Bassin, Christie Myers, Lisa Folks, Tamara Merkert, Gabrielle Draper, Vanessa Folks Gonzalez, Janet Smith Wood, Jessica Hansen, Pamela Mackey, Nicole Piaski, Cindy Lacy, Jennifer Forker, Liz Mosser, Maurine Theme, Amy Youngman Bray, Katie Osse, Michelle Coffey, Meera Rosser, Gerri Jackson, Anne Robinson, Trina Fyffe, Paula Langhorst, Jeribeth Stevens, JJ Moss, Jeanne Dietz, Cara Burrola, Amy Hedgewood, Lindsey Drahota.

 5:20 am boot camp women
 6:30 am boot camp women
8:00 am boot camp women. Rock Stars – all of them

Shout-Outs: To those athletes who beat their previous “hill mile” time Monday as well as their “frontage road” mile time Wednesday by up to ONE MINUTE. Lisa Folks, Charlotte, Christie, Karen D., Tamara, Kelley, Maurine, Amy B., JJ, Jeanne, Katie O., Shayne, Cindy L., Janet, Deborah, Vanessa, Pamela, Lynne….. Geez. Crazy!

JJ Chin-ups
Heather Ring Pushups
Liz in the lead – running jump rope
And then there’s Gerri ….

We are in week 2 of the Body Transformation Challenge and already I am witnessing bodies changing. You look lean and strong. Your performance in your workouts is increasing. Your eyes are bright and most of you are sleeping better. Wow. Who knew that changes could be felt in all areas of your life so rapidly? You are healing your body at the same time you are losing weight, inches and bodyfat. You don’t need to be in the Challenge to clean up your diet. What are you waiting for?

 Katie and Karen – barbell push press and cleans. Stay tuned for another barbell workshop coming soon!

Shout-Outs: Lindsey: first double-under! Katie: first kipping pullup! Vanessa: decreased mile time by 2 minutes – and that is the hill mile! (Other mile time shout outs to come). Jenny: eliminated sugary drinks from her diet 3 mos. ago and has lost 12 lbs.!

Welcome Lluvia, Katie, Shayne, Michelle, Leah, Maurine, Heidi, Ladean, Julie, Charlette, Maria and Kristina to boot camp!

Thoughts on “Being” vs “Doing”

I have forgotten how to just “BE”.  I have turned into a “DOING” machine and am tired. No, I am exhausted. To the bone. Exhausted. Four weeks ago I had my appendix out. In the meantime, my family has purged the contents of, and moved out of, the large house we had lived in for 20 years. We moved into a small townhouse and had a garage sale. Stayed up late and got up early, ate like crap. Slept like crap. Didn’t rest. At all. (Shocker, I know).  I started doing workouts again this week (Thanks Amy and Lindsey!). This morning I headed out to conquer a nearby mountain trail and it conquered me. I was forcing myself to run even though I hurt. Everywhere. Even my mind hurt. So I walked. With my head down and my monkey mind blithering on about how many things I had to do to “catch up” with the life I left unfinished “before move”. I stopped and realized  was not present AT ALL to the beauty I had put myself in. A breeze was blowing, the flowers were swaying, the birds were singing, the sky had not a cloud in it and I was busy ripping myself a new one because I was out here walking rather than at home getting my to-do list done.

At my new house I think I remember seeing a giant bathtub in the even more giant master bath, and a cushy lounge chair on the deck outside my bedroom. If I got all my work done, maybe I could try them out some day. Like Saturday maybe. Then I realized, you need to try them out TODAY. The most important thing I needed to do was to rest. So I did. I walked the rest of the way back to my car, came home, took a 2 hour nap, soaked in my new tub, wrote this blog.. Tonight maybe I will go out on my new deck and sit in that cushy chair. AND I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER having spent this afternoon practicing “being” rather than “doing”. And the world did not end because of it.

Shout-Outs: Calories rowed in one minute: Katie: 19, Karen: 16, Lindsey: 13, Cristie: 14, Marcie and Katie: jumped in the double-dutch jump rope set-up for the first time! (So silly!). Karen R.: ran her first mile without stopping in 11:41! Janet: 10:29 hill mile time!
JJ: “Annie”workout time reduced form 7:46 to 6:02! Christie: 100 burpee time reduced from 10:32 to 8:07! Deborah: Ran her first Boulder Bolder and with out stopping. And Deborah was never a runner!

The “Sexy For Summer” 27 day Body Transformation Challenge starts Monday, June 4th. A nutrition seminar and Challenge weigh-ins will be held Sunday, June 3rd at 9:00 am. Guidelines for the Challenge are detailed on the Events page.  What do you have to lose???  Well, besides weight, inches, bodyfat, food cravings, bad habits….

 Patty, Lisa and Christie
Kristen, Debbie and Lisa

This morning in boot camp we were laughing (well, not really LAUGHING) about how many exercise modifications quite a few of us need to make for our aches and pains and aging body parts. It would be different, we said, if we were all 25 years old.  We all ACT and THINK like we are 25, but our bodies tell us otherwise.
Caren Leaf, who is in the 6:30 am class, is married to a Masters Cyclocross racer named Lee. Lee just turned 60 and wrote a column titled “Age is A State of Mind” in Cyclocross Magazine about the mental aspects of age and sport which fits in perfectly with our musings this morning. Check it out:)

The Running Clinic got rave reviews. Stay tuned for more running workshops and team building classes in the near future!

In order to cheer them on, I told Julie, Sara, Trina, Sue and Tara that they were the only women IN THE WHOLE WORLD that were doing 150 ball slams for time at that moment. Did it help? If looks could kill….

Boot camp can improve your self-image by changing how you view your body.
     Poor self-image is often related to what a person looks like, namely, overall body size.
What’s going on?
     Well, the size of fashion models may have something to do with it, plus all the magazines and Internet space devoted to “who’s wearing what” in the entertainment world, plus the seductive outfits that today’s female recording artists wear. Self-worth for many young people—even the not so young (a la Demi Moore), is tied to physical appearance.
     What to do if you are focusing on the way you look as a measure of how much you like yourself?
Rather than focus on what your body looks like, focus on what it can do.

This small shift in thinking will produce magnificent results.
     At age 12, Cheryl Haworth weighed 240 pounds. By age 17 and standing almost 5-10, Cheryl weighed just over 300 pounds. These measurements are enough to sink the spirit of any growing girl and demolish her with never-ending self-hatred.
     However, Cheryl didn’t worry about what she looked like. Instead she focused on what her enormous body could do. She played softball, and this one day (when she was 12) led her to a gym where the sights and sounds of weight lifting mesmerized her. She was hooked. At age 17 she took the bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics in weight lifting.

This doesn’t mean that the cure for any individual with a self-image problem is to perform weight lifting at Olympic level caliber. But you get the point. Set performance-related goals, such as:
  • Run one mile outside without stopping
  • Complete your first 5k, or set a personal record for a run.
  • Beat your previous time on boot camp workout.
  • Train for climbing a 14’er this summer.
     What else? The sky is the limit! Choose something that makes you wiggle and sets your heart beating with the idea of it. Something you have dreamed about but never thought you would do.
     When you begin concentrating on effort and performance, the vanity aspect fades into the background. If you’re distraught over your thunder thighs, imagine how proud of them you’ll be when they can complete a five-mile hilly hike with ease.
     Rather than stew over how we look, let’s expend energy on changing what we can change: stamina, strength, fitness and health. Don’t get caught up with “body types.” Instead, get caught up with body strength, body endurance and body fitness.
    Eat healthful foods not because you want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but because you want to slash your risk of breast cancer and be around to see your grandkids grow up.

It’s always the right time to improve your self-image, no matter where you’re at on your journey.

Shout-Outs: Kudos to Karen: ran her first 9.9k (Title 9 9.9k)race without stopping, Deborah: ran 5 miles without stopping, Erin: PR’d her 5k mile time, Vicki: ran one mile without stopping. What’s up with all these running PR’s?! Great job everyone!

Deborah and Vicki – neither of them EVER considered themselves as being runners.

During this “week of rest” after getting my appendix out last Friday, I learned that my idea of “rest” is far different than most people’s. When my doctor told me to do “nothing”, he meant literally nothing.   So, Tuesday and Wednesday I went for a walk with my Mom, to lunch and then to Sunflower to pick up some essentials (that would be coconut milk creamer for my coffee). That was not “nothing”. The area around my belly button was so painful I had to re-learn lamaze breathing in order to cope. I am better this morning because yesterday I laid on the couch and read my book. Which is what most people would have done; the entire week.
     Speaking of most people, the doctor and nurses who took care of me in the hospital could not get over how “in shape” I am. You are so ……strong……so ….healthy…….so RARE. “How do you do it? What are you doing?” Like I was a specimen in a jar.  They told me that the majority of people they see are over-weight or obese, eat like crap, are sedentary and are sick and tired. Those people are cheering because they have a real excuse to do nothing; their doctor told them to. HOW SAD that our society has come to this point. That the percentage of people who are fit are the minority rather than the majority. Studies indicate that 42% of our country will be morbidly obese by 2030. I never want to be in that majority, so I will keep the doors of Front Range Boot Camp open for those of you who want to be told that you are so …..strong, …….healthy….so RARE forever.

Shout-Outs: Ashley: 1st 5K! Jess: shaved 20 secs off her 30 cal. row time!, Colleen: ran entire perimeter of bldg. for 1st time!;
Mile Time PR’s:

Jessica shaved 20 secs of her row time!

Sue:  10:00 from 11:00!
Christie: 8:20 from 10:15!
Leah: 8:30 from 9:23!
Charlotte: 8:32 from 9:14!
Lisa F: 8:31 from 9:15!
Patty: 13:30 from 15:05!
Vic: 8:45 from 9:15!
Michelle: 9:51 from 10:20!
Janet: 10:25 from 10:40!
Vicki: 11:49 from 12:04!
Lindsey: 8:19 from 9:15!
Pam: 12:53 from 13:57!
Marcie: 8:57 from 9:09!
Teri: 1st mile ever! She ran it in 10:20!

Patty, Lisa and Christie got a PR for their miles times, Colleen ran around the entire perimeter of the building for the 1st time! 

The results of the “Last Chance Before Summer” 28 day nutrition challenge are in! Thirty one women started the Challenge and 15 completed it. All of the women who completed the Challenge realized significant weight, body fat and inches lost. What they gained is even more valuable. These women told me they have more energy, sleep better, they feel leaner and stronger, their cravings are pretty much non-existent, their clothes don’t fit and they have more self confidence. Hmmm… all in 28 days. The winner was chosen on percent of weight and bodyfat loss, total # of inches lost, food journal and workout points as well as increase in the amount of time held in a plank position.

1st Place: Betsy Sailor. 62 pts. 4.6#, 3.7% bodyfat, 3″. 1st place: % of bodyfat, 2nd place: plank time.
2nd Place: Janet Wood. 59 pts. 12.2#, .7% bodyfat, 3.75″. 1st place in % of weight lost.
3rd Place: Lauren LeTourneau. 59 pts. 12.4#,4.3% bodyfat, 4.5″. 2nd place: % weight and bodyfat loss.
4th Place: Lisa Folks. 54 pts. 7.6 #, 7.75″. 2nd place: total inches lost.
5th Place: Dawn Quaiser. 53 pts. 2.6#, 3″. 1st place: increase in plank hold.
In no particular order:
Deb Siverson: 6.8#, 1.4% bodyfat, 6.5″.
Katie Miller: 8.2#, 2% bodyfat, 6.25″.
Erin England: 5#, 2.2% bodyfat, 5.5″.
Christie Myers: 4.8#, 2% bodyfat, 5.5″.
JJ Moss: 9.8#, 5.5″.
Amy Hedgewood:7.2#, 3.75″.
Shannon Perea: 7.8#, 2.4% bodyfat, 5″.
Patty Godbey: 12.2#, 1.6% bodyfat, 4.25″.
Marcie Haeg: 1.8#, .8% bodyfat, 5″.
Vanessa Gonzalez: 4.6#, 8.25″. 1st place: total inches lost.
Tara Deard: 2.8#, 2% bodyfat, 4.25″.

Just a note for  the women who did not place 1st or 2nd. YOU DID NOT LOSE. NO ONE LOST. Everyone who participated in the Challenge WON. Big time. In fact, each of you who come to boot camp and give everything you have, for the one hour of the day that is yours, WINS. What do you win? A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, STRONGER LIFE, for the rest of your life. What better prize is that?

Welcome Helle, Teri and Paula to boot camp!


Today wu: Double dutch,
the game of Twister and
hula hoops. FUN!

Shout-Outs: Karen: 1st double under, Alyssa: 6 in a row, Jenny: 2 in a row x3, Pam: 30 regular jumps in a row, Lindsey: 1st 5K!, Tara: 1st 16″ box jumps, Cristie: 1st 20″ box jumps,

End of Nutrition Challenge this Sunday, April 29th! Weigh-ins this Sat. at 10:00 am!
Running Clinic May 1 & 15th. Register by this Friday, April 27th !

 Pam and Tara

Visit the Events page for all the information about the upcoming Running Clinic!
Welcome to all the women who are joining us through the Living Social Daily Deal!

Boot Camp in action!

Shout Outs: what a double under morning!  Lisa- 10 in a row, , Lauren-25 in a row, Marcie- 10 in a row, Darla: brand new to boot camp-first double unders! Pam: 18 jump ropes in a row with no double jumps!

Today’s topic: Negative Self Talk. Arrggghhhhhh. Why do we do this to ourselves?

We wake up before the rooster crows (or drive to the gym at night even if we are so tired we could cry),
We spend hard earned money to do mentally and physically challenging workouts,
We have our coach yell at us (well, I usually don’t yell, but this morning I turned into The Biggest Loser’s Jillian)… and then we tell ourselves demeaning things about ourselves and believe these things! That is crazy!!  Thoughts are things and the more you think about something, the stronger it grows and the more power it has.

I want you to take out that old, rusty, broken tape that has been in your brain for many years and put a new tape in. The old tape is full of storeis that aren’t true. These stories no longer serve you. They negate any progress you are making in your life. And they make me mad. Especially when you share yours with me. The following ideas will help you become your own best friend rather than your own worst enemy:

1. Stop. Breathe. Be quiet for awhile. Focus on your breathing. This will bring you back to the present moment, which is all we have.
2. Smile. Go stand in front of a mirror and smile at yourself. See what happens.
3. Keep in touch with people that give you strength, can put things into perspective and won’t feed your negative thinking.
4.  Help someone. There are people out there in need of some loving.
5. Sing. Out loud.
6. List 5 things you are grateful for right now.
These are simple things to do and can change your thoughts. Try them on and see which ones fit.

Shout Outs: Margo: ran 1 mile in 12:26 without stopping. 1st time in 3 years! Marcie: 9:09 mile time! Cindy: 7 double unders in a row! Vicki: 2 rounds of 25 box jumps. All jumps! Jennifer Bennett: completed the entire “Jumbled Numbers” workout after coming back from a wrist fracture. Shannon: power walked 300m without stopping, did walking lunges with a 25# bumper plate overhead. Her BMI on 3/29 was 46.5. On 4/10 is has gone down to 38!

 Margo coming in from her mile run. First time in 3 years without stopping!
Marcie celebrating her 9:09 mile time!
 Shannon: 300 m power walk. First time. Without stopping!
Vicki shines after her 2 rounds of 25 box jumps. All jumps!

“Train Your Brain to be Your Ally” meditation series starts this Saturday, April 7th from 8:30-9:30 am!  Spend an hour learning the ways in which our brains work to sabotage even our best intentions to be healthy and how to train your brain to support you. This series is just in time for those of you who are participating in the nutriton challenge. See the Events page for more information about this valuable workshop!

Sara‘s 42nd birthday workout. Partners complete 42 of 10 exercises. One partner does as many reps as possible while the other partner 100m sprints and running jump rope. Lots of toys out on the floor and lots of fun was had by all.

“Last Chance Before Summer” Spring Leaning Nutrition Challenge starts Monday!!! There are 36 women registered and ready to go!!!!!! 28 days. Total transformation. No excuses.
Sara’s goal was to jump on top of a 42″ high plyo box before her 42nd birthday, which is April 3rd. Today she did it!!! 
What are your goals?  Tell us about them so we can support you on your journey!

Shout-Outs: “Annie” times slashed: Alisha – 9:23 from 9:58 all double unders!, Cara: 9:00 from 9:38, Alyssa: 9:13 from 10:35, Jenny: 10:59 from 12:47. Deadlift: Cristie: added 10# to her deadlift!, JeriBeth: added 15# to her db walking lunge
Upcoming Events:
  • “Last Chance Before Summer” 28 Day Body Transformation Challenge begins Monday, April 2nd.
  • Meditation by Marcie:  Learn how our minds work to sabatage us and how we can stop the madness.  Saturday’s in April. Perfect support for you during the Challenge!
  • Red Rocks workout – each Friday at 8:00 am beginning March 30th!
So many ways to barbell ……
 Christie: push press
 Karen: power clean
 Julie: Overhead walking lunges
Ashley: turkish get-ups

Our fellow boot camper, Jennifer Forker, was on Colorado Public Radio the other day, telling a story about her run with another woman on New Year’s Day. You must listen as the story has relevance to all of our lives. I want to be Connie (and Jennifer)! That is why I offer boot camp to women of all ages and fitness abilities, and that is why I do boot camp myself!
“Here’s What Happened – Catch Connie!

YAY Spring!!! That means we get to be outdoors ALOT!!!! And that means running !!!! (Well, for some of us that is really exciting..). Anyway, tomorrow’s workout involves running. Around the neighborhood to the north. And some other things that occur at randomly spaced orange cones. If you CAN’T run there wll be a workout for you at the gym (CAN’T being the operative word here.)

Now that it is Spring…..remember those INSPIRATIONS you created after the new year?  Pull them out, refresh your memory, brush the dust off your shoulders and let’s get going!!!!! The summer is upon us, and that means there are lots of hikes,bikes, races and fun to be had outside. And that is what we are training for, to be better, faster and stronger in our lives outside of the gym.  Email me your Inspirations so I can help empower you to achieve them!!!!

So many Shout-Outs: Liz: 18 box jumps, 16″ box, Shannon and Brenda: complete kb half-getups!, Julie and Karen:  Rx’d Fight Gone Bad for the 1st time!Vicki: up 4# in wall ball, 9# in sdhp and push press, up 4″ in box height, Jeanne: up 4# in wall ball, up 18# in sdhp and push press and 4″ in box height. TrinaMichelle, Gerri, Marcie, Jen M., moved up a row, Janet: up 2# in wall ball!

Just a little boot camp lovin’:

Shout-Outs: Pam performed 15 consecutive body rows which improved her previous amount by 10! Paulette, Suzanne and Jeanne did a headstand for the first time!

I post these Shout-Outs to recognize all of the achievements you women are realizing in boot camp on a regular basis. How fun is that??!! We repeat essential movements in our workouts so that you can see RESULTS. You lift more weight; you lift it better. You gain more endurance; you move faster. You do something in boot camp that challenges you, that scares you, that you have never done before and that you do want to do better; it transforms YOU. In every way. I see it occur in every class, every day.

Boot camp is YOUR hour. You give yourself permission to tune into your body, your mind, your courage, your strength, your talent and your self-worth (just to name a few). Where else during your day do you take the time to live in the moment and be totally you?

Keep coming back. To you. In boot camp. You are worth it.

Beginning April 2nd, the 8:00 boot camp class will be doing their Friday workouts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre! Come and join us!

Shout-Outs: Brenda: ran the entire perimeter of the bldg. without stopping! Vicki – 1st double under! Janet: full on box jumps ea. required rep! Karen has lost 6# since joining boot camp last month! Pam: beat her mile time by 1 minute!

 Congratulations Karen on your 6# weight loss!
And to Janet for “sticking” your box jumps!
 Brenda for running the entire perimeter of the building this week!
And to Vicki for your first double-under!

Oh the joys of being back outside again……

 Shout-Outs: Christie – 35# kettlebell, Shannon – 1st box jump, 1st deadlift, 1st bench press! Karen – 1600m row time 7:40 from 8:45, Lindsey – thinks she is a terrible runner – HA! She ran a mile this week like the wind. Lisa F – mile time 8:42 from 9:21!

Shannon and her first deadlift. you are making SO many changes Shannon, in every area of your life, and we are all SO proud of you!
 JJ flippin cards. Jerri requested the card game for her 50th birthday Monday.
Sara can now jump this high! (Not really – she turned the bumper plates into a ladder so we could raise the height of the rings. She is always thinking…)

 So True ………
I am thrilled so many of you are attending the Barbell Workshops.
 Are you ready to get stronger? Are you ready to “up your game”? Are you ready to try something new? Yes? Then the barbell workshops are for you. Check out the Events page for more information.

Vicki and Ashley – turkish get-ups using a barbell …

Shout-Outs: Ann: 1st handstand pushup using the band assist! Vanessa, Caren, Vicki, Nicole: 1st headstand! As always I am so in awe of how all of you cheer each other on, support one another and encourage each other each and every class ……

 Caren and Vicki
And then there is Sara – she always needs help just staying off her head! We caught her walking across the mat in a handstand.

Shout-Outs: Sara ran all 1096 steps of the Republic Plaza in 13:08. Still awaiting Crystal’s results. Cindy Churchill started boot camp 9 classes ago. Last week she had 4 people ask her what she is doing for exercise as she looks SO different!
Upcoming Events: Barbell Workshop: Sunday, March 4th and 18th, Ski/Snowboard day: Friday March 9th and Tuesday, March 20th. The next Nutrition Challenge begins Sunday, April 1st. No joke! Check out the Events page for details!

I cannot stress enough how critical GOOD FORM is for the movements you perform in your workouts. Taking the time to DO EACH MOVEMENT WELL is the difference between getting stronger and lifting more weight faster or hurting yourself and not being able to boot camp (or anything else in your life).  We are not in a hurry. Take the time. Listen to your coach, even if she sounds like Charlie Brown’s Mom: wha wha wha wha wha …

Christie and her air squats. Chest tall, knees tracking toes, weight on heels, hip crease at or below knees, eyes looking forward…

Jerri – on the pull portion of sumo deadlift high pull: weight on heels, wide (sumo) stance, arms in between legs, bar centered, shoulder over the bar, back straight, neck in line with spine, eyes looking forward….

Then there is the agility ladder.. silly fun warm-up.

Shout- Outs: (they are getting more and more frequent as you guys just keep uppin’ your game in boot camp and in your LIFE!)  Vanessa and Kristen: ran half a mile up a hill and down in the cold, the wind and the dark. For the first time. Without stopping. Crystal: registered for the Flight For Air stair run. She had never done anything like this before. First she runs 2.54 miles without stopping, then will register for a 3k, and now this…..! I know alot of you are also up to something big. Share it!!!

 Amy just found out she is pregnant. With TWINS        Vanessa – lookin good after her hill run           

Jenny – workin hard – sandbag box step up.

Happy Birthday this week to Vanessa (we celebrated today with Fight Gone Bad – Tabata style. (NOT my idea – she PICKED IT for God’s sake), Brenda on Tuesday and Sue on Wednesday.  We have a fun, celebratory week ahead of us!
 Happy 30th Vanessa!!  Great looking Sumo deadlift high pull with 33#! You are constantly getting stronger and leaner every time you come in!
 Cathy – Shout-Out to you for your 53# push press!
 Jerri – rockin as usual – 53# sumo deadlift high pull!
Lisa – Shout-Out ot you for your 53# push press.
You keep uppin’ your game each time you walk in the door!

OH MY GOSH – who are you all and what was up with you today??!!!  So many Shout-Outs: Lisa T., Charlotte, Erin, Deborah and Alisha: 113# deadlift !(previous weight 85#). Kristen, Alyssa, Vicki, Janet and Jennifer: 85# deadlift! Handstand pushups using a band only for assistance: Dawn, Janet, Sonia, Lisa F., Cara, Jennifer and Pamela! Pamela: 1st double under! Alyssa: 5 unassisted pullups! Vicki: pullups with no band assistance!If I have missed anyone, give me Shout-Out so I can acknowledge you as well!

Shout-Outs: JJ – movin’ up to a 20″ box jump height! Crystal – ran the 2.54 miles without stopping. A 5k is next! Kendra – has lost 2 pant sizes in 6 weeks! Alyssa – 10 chinups, no box, no band! Shannon – has lost 35# so far; in 12 weeks! Jen – 33# push press! Lauren – 43# overhead squat
Thought for the Day: Marcie (6:30 class) told us that in Togo, South Africa, there is no word for “tomorrow”. The people there practice “living in the moment”. They can describe what tomorrow is, but do not have a need for the word. Hmmm…today I am being aware of how often I am “living in the moment”. So far, not very often…..

 Shannon – continuing to come to boot camp 2x week, lose weight, bodyfat and inches while getting stronger and leaner. We are honored to be a part of her life changing journey.

 Alyssa – 10 chinups – no box, no band. Just her bodyweight!
 Crystal – celebrating 2.54 miles continuous running-
 Jen – 33# barbell push press
Lauren – 43# overhead squat

Today’s Shout-Outs: Shannon – 6# wall ball to 10″ target, Jen Muzar – swingin’ a 26# kettlebell, Christie Myers, Lisa Folks – handstand pushups using a band (not a box). Debbie Rock -handstand pushups on the wall!!

I have had lots of questions regarding the Paleo diet and what foods are to be avoided and why. Here is an article that answers your questions..

Happy Birthday Alisha!!!  Thanks for wanting “KettleHELL” as your birthday workout…

Debbie – handstand against the wall! YAY for wanting to “up your game” this morning!

Jen  – “upped her game” to a 26# kettlebell!

Shannon – throwing an 6# wall ball to the 10″ target !!!

Lisa – handstand pushups using the band!

Today’s Shout-Outs go to: Katie and Marcie: jumping on a 20″ high plyo box for the first time! Wendy: jumping up on a 12″ box for the first time! Mary Jo and Cindy: decreasing their “100 burpees for time” workout by more than 2 minutes!! Charlotte won the nutrition challenge and shared that she had not worked out AT ALL for 3 months before coming to boot camp. Just goes to show you how far you can go with a little effort.
Just a taste of what goes on in boot camp:
 Erin doing her floor wipers using a 78# barbell. Whewww. She is frickin STRONG.
 Jen and Paula dueling ring dips.
 Cortnae adds a little flair to her handstand pushups.
 Christie working on box jump number 93.
 Jen working on wall ball number 100. She did 100 with a 10 pound ball and it drove her nuts because she always uses a 14# ball. So she had to do them all over using 14#. She is frickin CRAZY. 
 Lauren jumping up on a 20″ high plyo box.
Wendy. Rowing.

Results for the “Winter Weight Off” Nutrition Challenge” !!!
1st Place : Charlotte Bassin – 68 total points. 8.4 pounds lost, 4% bodyfat and 6.75″!
2nd Place: Ruth Petrick – 50 points. 8.8 pounds lost, 3.5% bodyfat and 4.75″!
                  Lauren Morrisette – 50 points. 3 pounds lost, 3.9% bodyfat and 4.5″!
3rd Place:  Erin England – 48 points. 5.8 pounds lost, .8% bodyfat and 3″!
4th Place:  Lisa Folks – 47 points. 8.2 pounds lost, 2.3% bodyfat and 6.25″!
                  Jess Nichols – 47 points. 4.2 pounds, 2.8% bodyfat, 3.25″!
                  Katelyn Cowan – 47 points. 6.4 pounds lost, 1.9% bodyfat, 2.5″!
5th Place: Nicole Piasecki – 46 points. 9.4 pounds, 3.2% bodyfat and 5.75″!
                 Marcie Haeg – 46 points. 6 pounds, 1.1% bodyfat, 4.5″!
Honorable Mentions:
                  Vanessa Gonzales – 3.6 pounds, 1.3% bodyfat, 7.25″
                  Wendy Folger – 4.6#, 2.7% bodyfat, 5.5″
                   Shannon Perea – 7.6 pounds, 2.5% bodyfat
                   Erica Sandoval – 5.6 pounfds, 2% bodyfat, 4″
                   Brenda Cody – 8 pounds, 1.5% bodyfat, 3.5″
                   Caren Leaf – 1 pound, .6% bodyfat, 1.5″
                   Katie Miller – 2.2 pounds, 2.3% bodyfat, 8″
                   Annie Gorenstein – 2.8 pounds, 5% bodyfat and 3.75″
                   Paula Hendrickson – 9.4 pounds, 4″.
                   Jeribeth Stevens – 3.4 pounds, .5% bodyfat and 4.5″

Congratulations to all of you !!!!  There were 38 women who started the Challenge and 19 who completed it. In just 28 days, all of the women who completed the challenge saw SIGNIFICANT results in terms of weight, bodyfat and inches lost as well as strength gains (determined by the increased number of pullups, pushups and situps completed in one minute). Points were also awarded for completing and turning in daily food journals and for workouts completed. Note: EVERY POSSIBLE POINT COUNTED FOR DETERMINING THE OVERALL WINNERS, not just for pounds, bodyfat and inches. Every completed daily food journal, every pullup, pushup and situp, every workout. These women gave everything they had for 28 days. And look what they got in return………

     All KINDS of crazy things are happening at the gym this week, although I always hesitate to call our training facility a “gym” because it has no shiny white equipment, no treadmills and no mirrors. YOU are the equipment, the treadmill and the ever growing connection of your brain to your body, the mirror.  

What are we all training for?  We are training for LIFE. Our workouts train us to be better at what we do outside of the gym. And that is where it matters the most.

 Brenda went up to swinging an 18# kettlebell this week and ran most of the way up and down the hill of torture.She looks and acts stronger in every way, every day.
 Katie went up to swinging a 35# kettlebell this week. She is also showing amazing gymnastics skills which were always there but now get to blossom each time she works out.

 Shannon says that we have created a monster out of her. She has lost another 8 pounds this week and this morning she “accidently” ran a mile. She lowered her LDL, blood sugars and triglycerides so significantly that she got of 2 of her medications this week!

 Wendy ran 2 miles without stopping on Tuesday. She has not been able to do that for 2 years!
Sara is well on her way to jumping up on a 42″ tall box by her April birthday. Tonight she made it to 39″. Well, sort of.

Weekly Shout-Outs: Mile Times: Lisa 9:21 from 9:33, Vanessa 15:11 from16:11, Alyssa 10:00 from 10:45, Deborah 9:38 from 10:15, JeriBeth 11:55 from 12:35, Jackie and Anne 11:50 from 12:00
Brenda just started boot camp at the beginning and had this to share with us:
“Like most people, I usually start a new year with some resolutions, though I don’t call them that – I dislike that word. But as a good student of personal and professional development, I know I always have thoughts and behaviors that can use some significant improvement. This year I took the plunge, thanks to a friend’s urging, to join a women’s exercise boot camp. What really got me to say ‘yes’ is the weight loss challenge they are doing for 30 days. I finally dumped all my excuses and convinced myself I can do ANYTHING for 30 days!
So I paid my money, got weighed in and measured and am now exercising and on a new food plan. There are so many lessons, already, that I’d like to share:
  • Lesson 1: It feels good to completely surrender your negative beliefs about what’s possible. Isn’t it exhausting to be constantly circling through our excuses and limiting beliefs? I gave mine up…for now.
  • Lesson 2: Sometimes it hurts. Using muscles I haven’t used in a while makes them sore…and… I’ll live.
  • Lesson 3: We’re capable of more than we think we are. I didn’t think I could jump rope – I can!
  • Lesson 4: It’s simply a decision we make to stop all the negotiating within our heads/minds.
  • Lesson 5: We need support to be successful. We can’t do it by ourselves – left to our own devices, we’ll fail every time.
When Shannon first contacted us about joining boot camp one of her main goals was to be able to run someday.  Well, someday has already come for her! She and her husband went to the track on Sunday and she ran about 3/4 of the way around that darn thing!!!! She called me afterward and was so excited! “I NEVER experienced this with Curves or Lady Fitness! The women are all so supportive and encouraging!” Shannon has lost 26 pounds and 20″ since November and is still going strong!!

Weekly Shout-Outs:  Last night Jackie and Sue ran their first mile without stopping!!!

    I also want to acknowledge those of you who have injuries and irritations and who still come in every morning and modify or completely change your exercises as needed so that you still get your workout in but in a way that does not compromise your injury.. It would be FAR easier to just stay home. But you don’t. That shows what kind of woman you are.

  Remember how I talked about making a New Year’s INSPIRATION rather than a resolution? Well, let me refresh your memory… The word Inspiration calls us forward in a joyful, passionate and hopeful way! It helps us believe that anything is possible for us, which is OH SO TRUE!! The word resolution makes us already want to quit. It makes our shoulders slump and we create a “should” and “have to” goal rather than an “I want to” goal.  Don’t use this word!!!  

Many of you sent me your Inspirations for this year. How are you doing with those?

Each and everyone one of us capable of achieving our Inspirations, as long as we ACT ON THEM.
     It’s easy to think or talk about what you are going to do, but actually doing what you say takes commitment, dedication & more importantly the motivation to get up everyday and push yourself. Motivation is an emotion that allows you to have the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of whether you feel like it or not. Every single day you Goddess boot campers overcome this inaction with drive, passion and commitment and the results that you are seeing prove just how capable & strong you really are. You don’t have to try and get your head around the whole process of reaching your goals – take it in small steps 1 day at a time. Each workout has modifications and if you need to start with the modifications, then do it – it still counts and you are still making progress.

We believe in you – the community is here for you – let’s do it together.

You asked for it and now you have it!  New class time beginning Monday, January 30th – 4:20-5:20 pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Weekly Shout-Outs:  Marcie: 2 double unders in a row, Sonia: went inverted using a band for her handstand pushups!,: Lauren: 7 double unders in a row; Katie: increased kettlebell weight to 26#; Shannon: First pullup!
This week is Repeat Week where we will repeat past workouts to see how much faster and stronger you have become in the past few months. Time for”Jumbled Numbers” workout in 4 mos: Alisha 19:45 from 22:40!, Vic 21:33 from 23:33, Jenny 21:43 from 26:47, Kim: 21:55 from 25:31, Jeanne: 25:08 from 31:46, Vicki: 28:21 from 31:00!  Geez.. who ARE you women and what are you eating for breakfast???

Welcome Alida, Jen, Cristie, Anne and Crystal to boot camp!!!
 Jerri – handstand pushups using the wall for support..for now…but not for long!…

 Welcome back to my daughter Lauren!!! She took 4 mos off to travel southeast Asia and is now training to head back out to South America…..

Sara on her way to reaching her goal of jumping to a height of 42″ before her birthday in April.  No problem there!

We are snowshoeing this Saturday, Jan. 21st at “The Chief” mountain, which is on the way to Mt.Evans. For more info. check out this link. Meet at 8:00 am at the gym and we will carpool from there. If you need info on what to bring etc., email me and I will help you out. Total time of trip: 6 hours including travel to and from trailhead. Please rsvp!  Spaces are limited to 6 people.
     This week I have been talking about “Temple Maintenance”, which are 2 words my yoga teacher talked to me about and both struck a chord in my soul. Yes, I believe my body “should” be considered a temple and I understand all too well that I was given a body that is required to move ALOT in order not to lose my mind. So, I need to do what is necessary for me to treat my body like a temple ….. what does that inspire in you?

We maintain our houses on a regular basis so we can live comfortable in them for years, we maintain our lawns so they are green and lush, we maintain our cars so we can trust them to take us where we need to go…….and we pay loads of money to do so.

WHY DO WE NOT MAINTAIN OUR MINDS, BODIES AND SPIRITS so they can do the same thing???? Unlike our material posessions, we can’t move to another house because we trashed the one we are living in, we can’t opt for rocks instead of skin, and we can’t afford a new car because we were too busy to change the oil in the one we have.

WE MATTER THAT MUCH!! I keep harping on the fact that, darn it, if I am going to live to be 85 years old (and I plan on it!), I want to be as self-sufficient as possible. I don’t want to have to rely on someone else to take care of me because I did not take care of myself when I had the chance.

You have the chance NOW !!!!! Dont wait for some day or next week or next month.

Daylight’s a burnin…..

Weekly Shout-Outs: Caren: 35# kettlebell, Bridgette 3 double unders in a row, Jerri: “Annie” time decreased from 7:04 to 6:15!, Ann from 8:30 to 7:20!

Max pullups in a minute. All of fit together on the pullup bars so we could do them together!! Awwwww…

Weekly Shout-Outs: Lana moved up to a 10# wall ball, Renee 26# kb, Alyssa, Katie 35#kb, Renee finished her 1st workout in 39:39,
Kristi finished  her first workout in 34:56!  Debbie is celebrating 2 yrs in boot camp todays, Ann celebrated 3 yrs last week. Birthdays this week: Jen Forker and Cathy Rossano.
Today is the 1st day of the “Winter Weight Off” nutrition challenge!! Twenty-eight days. You can do this…Welcome Karen, Brenda, Anna and Nicole to boot camp! Welcome back Wendy and Charlotte.

 Here are some of your inspirations:
Shannon: will run half a mile before June 13, Jennifer will run a 5k faster than her 70 year old running partner, Traci will get to 17% bodyfat and will add the Bolder Boulder to her list of races this year, Julie will do 5 unassisted kipping pullups by May 5th, Sara will jump onto a 42″ high box by April 4th … WHAT ARE YOURS?!
The Right Questions:
If you are going to reach your goals and create the life you desire, you will have to make new choices that will lead you to new actions. Asking yourself these 10 questions before you make a choice will give you the power and inspiration to consciously create a life you feel good about. They are designed to reveal what is motivating your actions & clarify your thinking.
  • Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?
  • Will this choice bring me long-term fulfillment or will it bring me short-term gratification?
  • Am I standing in my power or am I trying to please another?
  • Am I looking for what’s right or am I looking for what’s wrong?
  • Will this choice add to my life force or will it rob me of my energy?
  • Will I use this situation as a catalyst to grow or will I use it to beat myself up?
  • Does this choice empower me or does it disempower me?
  • Is this an act of self-love or is it an act of self-blame?
  • Is this an act of faith or is it an act of fear?
  • Am I choosing from my divinity or am I choosing from my humanity?
From The Right Questions by Debbie Ford.

     So many of us are glad to have the holidays over with so we can get back to our routines and our familiar schedules, but at the same time we have (hopefully) created intentions for what we want to have new in our lives.  How do we cultivate our intentions so that they become as familiar to us as our schedules? By deepening our awareness of self. Here are some practices to help you get in touch with “you”:

  • Stop and notice the quality of your breathing. Take a moment to slow down, breathe slowly in and then slowly out. Keep doing this until you are calm and present.
  • Consciously CHOOSE how you want your day to go.
  • End your day by noting 5 things you were grateful for.
  • Begin to add something to your life that you once enjoyed doing but stopped because you “didnt have time”. Make the time.
  • Choose a daily habit or routine and perform it slowly and mindfully.
  • You have the choice to feed yourself nourishing thoughts or listening to yourself ramble the same old jive. Notice the difference between them and make a choice.