It’s different here. You matter! We care.

You are warmly invited to participate in these Upcoming Events!!

    1. Saturday, May 14th, Barbell Work Shop with Stacey Heronema!
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8 Reasons to Entrust Your Fitness With Us!

  1. You become an integral member of a family which is exclusively for women!
  2. Women of all sizes and fitness abilities are warmly welcomed! Are you new to fitness, or are you returning to fitness after a period of time? Come join us! Is fitness already a regular part of your life and you are looking to get stronger? Come join us!
  3. Your home here is built on establishing supportive, encouraging and motivational relationships!
  4. Are crabby body parts or nagging injuries holding you back? Modifications are available for every movement if physical limitations have held you back at other gyms!
  5. Your workouts are NEVER the same, are specifically designed to build strength and to blast body fat, and are always fun!
  6. The focus is on teaching perfect form so that you move efficiently and stay injury free!
  7. Class sizes are kept small so that you receive individual attention every workout!
  8. Together we become younger, stronger and happier!

  9. Kristen: lost 18.6#, 9% body fat, 11” and gained 1# of lean muscle in just 30 days! “I have come a long way since my first Boot Camp class where I literally fell off a box when doing box jumps for the first time. That's one of the reasons I love Front Range Boot Camp so much - it always keeps me guessing and learning new things I have never done before. I love the variety and challenge that Boot Camp provides. I also enjoy working out with a group of women who support, encourage, and work their butts off together. I came to Boot Camp because I knew I was selling myself short. At the end of the day when I've given and given to others, Boot Camp is my way of giving to myself. It's my commitment to be the best I can be - to push myself in every workout, to give it my all, and then to leave and make healthy choices with my nutrition so as not to undermine all my hard work. Kristen

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