It’s different here. You matter! We care.

12 Reasons to Entrust Your Fitness With Us!

  1. You become an integral member of a family which is exclusively for women!
  2. Women of all sizes and fitness abilities are welcome!
  3. Your home here is built on establishing supportive and motivational relationships!
  4. Your workouts are never the same, are specifically designed to build strength and to blast body fat, and are always fun!
  5. The results you experience will improve and enhance every facet of your life!
  6. You receive Exemplary Coaching. Your coaches are carefully chosen and must complete an intensive 8 week training program, in addition to their personal trainer certifications, before having the privilege to train you!
  7. The focus is on teaching perfect form so that you move efficiently and stay injury free!
  8. Class sizes are kept small so that you receive individual attention every workout!
  9. Modifications are available for every movement if physical limitations have been holding you back!
  10. You have the opportunity to participate in regular Body Transformation challenges where you will lose weight/inches/body fat while learning how to eat healthy for the rest of your life! The next Challenge starts September 14th!
  11. You can participate in a variety of workshops designed to empower physical, mental and spiritual growth!
  12. It works. You will grow stronger, more confident, and more remarkable every day!


  • One - 90 minute personal training session! (value: $125)
  • One - 30 minute life coaching session (value: $50)
  • Nutrition seminar! (value: $50)
  • Before and after fitness assessment!

With an unlimited membership, you receive for FREE:

  • 3 - 90 minute personal training sessions held quarterly! (value: $125 ea)
  • 3 - 30 minute life coaching sessions held quarterly! (value: $50 ea)
  • Nutrition Seminar! (value: $50)
  • Continual nutritional guidance and support! (value: $100)
  • Before and after fitness assessment!
  • Discounts on all workshops and seminars!
  • All Special Events!

Go to the Events page for more information on our Grand Opening!!!

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